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About is a resource intended to provide information and comment about veterinary medicine in the UK and Europe. The website is written by Samantha Coe BVetMed MRCVS.

I am a veterinary surgeon based in the UK with over ten years of experience. Working in general practice I often feel that there is not enough time to discuss everything that I would like to in the ten or so minutes generally allowed for a consultation. I also believe that there are many questions that my clients have, and for various reasons do not like to ask! Very often clients will turn to the internet for more information about animals; however I sometimes find that this information can be unreliable. The Vetbase website is therefore intended to fill this gap and give people an on-line veterinary resource which they can peruse at their leisure and return to again and again.

At a wide variety of information can be found. This includes information on animal care, breeding, medical conditions, drugs, alternative therapies, welfare issues, current news items and other topics of interest in veterinary science. It is intended to be a useful resource for people who are interested in any aspect of animal health. The website has been written to present information in an understandable way; but hopefully it will cover topics in enough depth to interest experienced individuals such as breeders or farmers and maybe even fellow vets! It should be remembered that the views expressed on the Vetbase website are my own and they may not necessarily reflect the views of the rest of the veterinary profession! For example I do believe that alternative therapies may be useful and these will be discussed where relevant, I also have views on farming and other welfare issues which may differ from other vets.

When using this site to gain information it must be understood that Vetbase is not intended to be used for "self diagnosis" of your animal's condition. You should always consult your own veterinary surgeon if you believe your animal is unwell. Many conditions have very similar signs and can be very difficult to diagnose properly even with the specialist tests available to vets. So do not delay in seeking a consultation with your own vet if you think your animal needs attention.

The website is being constantly updated to stay abreast with developments in veterinary science. New sections will be regularly added. It is my aim to eventually provide one of the most extensive on-line resources of veterinary information available to the general public.

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