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More Financial Strain for Farmers?

Article Date: 6th December 2005

DEFRA has published a strategy document which indicates that the Government wants farmers to share more of the financial burden of disease outbreaks via the introduction of a levy on the industry.

In the document "Partners for success: a farm regulation and charging strategy" recently published by DEFRA there is a clear indication that the Government wants farmers to take more responsibility for disease outbreaks. This is unlikely to be welcomed by farmers since DEFRA wants to apply a levy on the farming industry to pay for the costs of dealing with future outbreaks of disease such as foot and mouth.

Many farmers are struggling financially at the moment and the imposition of what is effectively another tax will not help them. Animals on the farms which are financially burdened may also suffer since these "poverty trap" farmers cannot afford to improve animal welfare. Vets are called in less frequently to struggling farms and this in itself may predispose towards more problems when dealing with disease outbreaks. If vets are not on the farms (and increasingly they are called out less and less) then diseases such as foot and mouth may not be detected early enough to prevent their spread.

We would all like to avoid the harrowing scenes which many witnessed during the last outbreak of foot and mouth disease but I don't believe that making farmers pay out more money is the answer.

Splitting costs one way: Veterinary Record, vol 157, No 23 p717

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