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General Veterinary Medicine

In this section of the web site you will find information which will be of interest to many people regardless of what species of animal they keep.

Whether you own a dog, cat, horse, snake, or any other kind of animal there are some veterinary subjects which are generally relevant to all. In this section I hope to cover many of these issues. I do hope all visitors will find this section of the web site helpful. It is intended to give interested people a greater understanding of some of the veterinary matters or pet keeping issues which are regularly encountered by veterinary clients in the UK.

Subjects under the General Veterinary Medicine section will include discussions on topics such as euthanasia, hospitalization of pets and other emotive issues, so it may be helpful to read about them if you are about to face these kinds of situations yourself. In many circumstances a visit to the vet can be a stressful experience so a better understanding about what is likely to happen can really help.

I hope that by reading this section you will gain a better understanding of what you can expect from your vet in a variety of different circumstances.

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Food Animals
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Recommended Books
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Complementary Therapies
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Clipping Claws
Are you concerned about anaesthesia?
Fees and charges
House visits
Pet Insurance
Pet Travel Scheme
Allergies to pets
Animal Consciousness
Choosing a veterinary practice
Medicines and Dosing
Pets at Christmas
Risks of Foreign Travel
The Lost Pet
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Interesting Videos
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Pet Behaviour
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Basics of Pet Nutrition
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Should I brush my pet's teeth?
What diseases should my dog be vaccinated against?
Can rabbits be kept as indoor pets?
My pet died, what should I do with the body?
Why does my pet rub his bottom along the floor?
What is ringworm?
Should my pet be neutered?
What should I feed my cat?
How often should I worm my puppy or kitten?
At what age should I get my dog neutered?

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