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Are You Looking For a Holistic Vet?

My new Veterinary Practice has just opened in the beautiful village of Mayfield in East Sussex. It is intended to be a practice where all medicine whether orthodox or complimentary is used in the way most suitable to treat your pet. Contact Details; Mayfield Vet, Nappers, High Street, Mayfield, East Sussex TN20 6AB Tel; 01435 874787

Mayfield Vet is my new veterinary practice in Sussex. I have always had a strong interest in herbal medicine and wanted to incorporate it into my practice of veterinary medicine. I have therefore started my own practice where animals can receive a wide range of treatments according to their individual needs.

At Mayfield Vet I take plenty of time to get to know my patients and my clients. Each individual pet and family have different lifestyles and circumstances which need to be taken into consideration before any treatment can be decided upon. A full clinical history will be taken so that an understanding of the problem and its duration can be gained. If you are coming to me for herbal medicine and other complimentary therapies I will work closely with your family vet so that your pet can gain the maximum benefit from the treatments on offer.

Mayfield Vet offers herbal medicine and some homeopathic treatments for our own clients and those referred from other vets. We also offer orthodox veterinary medicines to our own first opinion clients, since these tend to be most effective for acute conditions, whereas herbal medicines and homeopathy tend to be more useful for chronic problems. In many cases a combination of treatments can be used to good effect. Owner's wishes will always be respected when formulating any treatment plans.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine offers many benefits to animals. It may be used alone, but can also be combined effectively with conventional medicines when the patient's condition requires this. Often the use of conventional drugs is reduced when herbs are incorporateed into the treatment plan. Herbs tend to be gentle, safe treatments and they can be used to bring the animal gently back into a state of health. The supportive and nutritive value of the plants we use in herbal medicines aid the animal's own healing processes and herbs frequently have actions which no conventional medicine can offer. It is important to ensure that only the best quality herbs are used. At Mayfield Vet we only use high quality herbal preparations which are available only through herbal practitioners.


We have a number of homeopathic remedies which are available through the practice. Homeopathy is very safe and can be used to treat a wide range of conditions.

Physical Therapies

We are very fortunate at Mayfield Vet to have a visiting Animal Chiropractor, we also hope to be joined by an Animal Osteopath during the summer. These therapies can be very effective, particularly if your pet has conditions such as osteoarthritis or other issues which may affect mobility. Physical therapies can be used in conjunction with orthodox veterinary medicines although often the need for these medicines may be reduced over time.

Behaviour Therapy.

We are very much aware that you share a very special bond with your pet. This bond can sometimes become strained if a pet has behavioural issues which go unaddressed. At Mayfield Vet we have a strong interest in animal behaviour. We are able to offer advice on all sorts of behavioural problems including aggression, anxiety and inappropriate urination as well as many other issues which may be of concern to pet owners. I am also particularly interested in the way an animal's psychological state (for example stress, fears etc) can affect the disease process and I incorporate a plan for improving this type of psychological wellbeing into many of my treatment plans.

Routine Services

We offer many services which you would expect of any veterinary practice. We serve our local community of Mayfield and the surrounding district with routine veterinary services and can also make house visits within the local area.

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