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In the section of the web site devoted to cats you will find information on the health, welfare, and behaviour of felines together with other subjects of interest to cat owners and keepers. Cats are frequently seen in the veterinary surgery and since veterinary medicine is always progressing this area of the site will probably contain regular updates of interest to anyone who is involved with cats.

Cats make great companions. They are friendly and have plenty of character, but they are easier than dogs to fit into a busy lifestyle without compromising on their welfare. For much of the time cats can be self sufficient; content to curl up in front of the fire, (or these days radiators) or go out on the prowl. Of course they need to be provided with food, water, shelter and stimulating activities, but most people find that they can easily supply these within the time allowed by our increasingly hectic lives.

If you are thinking of getting a cat as a companion you should consider it very carefully before you commit yourself. Remember that cats may live well into their late teens or twenties so getting a cat really is a long term commitment. If you decide to go ahead you will need to have suitable accommodation, a little time to provide your cat with attention and also you will need to have some finances available for expenses incurred in keeping your cat.

There are many different breeds of cat available. The most commonly seen are the oriental breeds such as the Siamese and the Burmese, the Persians, the British Shorthairs and of course the Domestic cat. As with other animals, each breed has its own particular characteristics, (for example the oriental breeds tend to be very vocal, can be very attached to an owner and have a greater tendency than most to suck and chew on woolly jumpers.). It is not the intention of this web site to detail all the different breeds and their particular characteristics but if an issue or health problem is pertinent to a particular breed I will try to point it out. Once you have decided which breed of cat you would like then you must choose between obtaining an adult cat or a kitten. Kittens are just about irresistible but adult cats in need of a new home can be very loving and less likely to climb your best curtains!

I hope you find the cat section of this web site helpful.

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