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New Veterinary Practice Offers Alternative Therapies

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Mayfield Vet in East Sussex has recently opened. Samantha at Mayfield Vet can see pets on a referral basis from all over the UK for herbal medicine and other holistic treatments. We also offer conventional veterinary medicine to pets in the local community. If you are interested in a holistic health care consultation for your pet contact Mayfield Vet on 01435 874787.

As a vet it is a fantastic opportunity to open a brand new practice and see pets really benefiting from the integrated approach to medicine which I use. Mayfield Vet is my new practice in East Sussex where pets are already benefiting from my holistic approach and treatments.

All animal patients at Mayfield Vet can benefit from the full range of conventional veterinary treatments but can also receive other therapeutic treatments including herbal and homeopathic remedies, physical therapies such as massage and chiropractic treatments. We even offer Reiki and aromatherapy for pets.

We are particularly interested in nutrition and help to ensure that animals are given foods which support them in their journey back to health. It is easy to overlook the nutritional requirements for our pets but it is fundamental to health. Often healthy diets for pets can involve home prepared diets but there are some good alternatives for the caring owner who simply does not have time to prepare food. We understand how busy people are and always try to find a solution for the benefit of your pet which fits into a busy schedule.

The psychological health of pets is considered to be just as important as their physical health and often we help out with behavioural problems which can be a real problem for pets and their owners. We have an animal behaviourist on our staff who is able to help pets with behavioural issues.

Perhaps the most special thing about our practice is our ability to really take time with our patients- getting to know them and watching their health improve. Our appointments are longer than in many practices and our clients and their pets become friends as we travel the journey to their optimum health along with them. Watching this transition is a real joy and one of the wonderful things about being a vet!

If you would like to find out if your pet could benefit from an holistic care consultation please contact us on the number above. We will always work closely with your regular vet to ensure that your pet gets the optimum care they deserve.

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