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Lost Boa Constrictor

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A lost Boa Constrictor in our local area has caused a slight panic, but you should not be unduly concerned.

We post lost and found pets on our practice website for people in the local area, in order to help people and pets re-unite. (We only do this with permission of the people involved and never put on any personal details!).

However the recent loss of a pet boa constrictor has caused our Facebook account to go quite crazy and people are calling the practice daily for updates and further information.

We have been given the advice of a reptile specialist who says this snake is unlikely to go very far away from home and could turn up some months from now alive and well. The main health risk for this snake is pneumonia. The boa had been fed recently so is unlikely to be hungry for a while. However it may present a risk to small pets when it gets hungry, but is perhaps more likely to threaten wild rabbits and rodents in reality.

The owner has kindly given us a picture of the snake which we will publish here since Facebook thinks we may be sending spam due to the overwhelming interest in this story!

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