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Mayfield Vet for Herbal Veterinary Medicine

Herbal veterinary medicine has important benefits to offer animals and can be beneficial when used to treat many problems or diseases. It may be used alone or alongside conventional medicines depending on the condition to be treated.

Herbal Veterinary Medicine

Herbal veterinary medicine is safe and effective. It involves utilising plants or parts of plants for their medicinal effects. By providing the body with phytochemicals (chemicals found in plants) all organ systems and tissues within the body can be nourished and supported back to a state of optimal health. Utilising these chemicals in a form which is recognised by the body as food is a very gentle but effective way of introducing their beneficial effects to the animal.

Herbs are particularly useful in chronic conditions where conventional medicines alone are not having the desired effects. Herbal medicine can be used effectively alongside conventional medicine and may help to safely reduce the dose of conventional drugs required. Herbs tend to work gently and slowly by supporting the bodyís own healing processes, thus allowing the animal to make its own way back to an optimal state of health.

Of course herbal medicine can also be used to maintain optimum health and help to prevent disease; in this situation a unique herbal formula would be used based on the animal and its lifestyle, taking into consideration any problems which may arise later in life due to breed predisposition, lifestyle or other factors.

The Herbal Consultation

Initial consultations take one hour. I take plenty of time to get to know both you and your pet during the first consultation. A full history will be taken so that I can gain a detailed picture of your pet, the condition to be treated, family circumstances/ behaviour issues which may be pertinent to the problem and any other relevant information. A full clinical examination of your pet will then be carried out.

Once I have assessed all the information which has been gathered I will formulate a unique treatment plan for your pet. Herbal treatments are usually the main component of the treatment plans but we also have access to homeopathic remedies and physical therapies (carried out by qualified practitioners). Behavioural therapies may also be suggested if required; this can often be helpful to reduce stress and therefore help the pet get maximum benefit from other treatments. Often general advice regarding your petís diet and lifestyle can be helpful and we will make suggestions if changes would be beneficial.

Herbs and supplements will often be available for you to take away the same day but sometimes it will be necessary to order something special for your pet, in this situation we will send the herbs on to you by post.


I offer both a first opinion veterinary service and a referral service for herbal veterinary medicine. If you live in East Sussex and would like to register with me to be your petís normal vet you are most welcome to do so. Your pet will be able to benefit from both conventional and herbal medicine according to its own unique needs. Occasionally only conventional or herbal treatments may be required, but often the two types of medicine can be safely combined to enable your pet to gain maximum benefit from all treatments available.†

I offer a referral service for animals which are already registered with another veterinary practice for conventional treatment and do not wish to change. In this situation I will work closely with your own vet to help your pet in the most appropriate ways. Most vets are aware that herbal medicine can offer significant benefits to pets and will be happy to refer you upon request. They will send me the relevant details about your pet so that I have all the information I need to help you. If you would like your vet to refer you to me, please pass on my contact details to them and ask for the referral.

Appointments and Fees

Appointments can be arranged once any necessary referrals are in place. Contact me at my practice on 01435 874787 to arrange a mutually convenient time.
The initial consultation fee for herbal medicine is £80.00 for one hour.
Follow up visits are £40 for half an hour. The cost of the herbs will depend upon the particular herbs prescribed (allow around £20 per month for a medium sized dog). Usually the cost of herbal veterinary medicine is covered by major insurance companies; if you are unsure contact your insurance provider. †

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