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Giving Medicines to Rats

It can be difficult to give a rat medication. Here are a few tips.

Give oral medication directly to the rat. Your vet may be able to give you a syringe and show you how to administer the medication into the side of the rat's mouth. Using this method you can usually be sure that the rat got some of the medication but it may be difficult to determine if the correct dose was given because some will almost inevitably be lost. Some owners and/ or rats find this method distressing.

Sweet tasting medicines can be given to the rat to lap from the end of the syringe or from a spoon.

Make jelly and put the medicine in when it is cooling but not set. Many rats love jelly and the sweet taste masks the taste of the medicine.

Use small portions of doughnut to soak up the medicine and give this to the rat.

Use baby food to mix the medicine in; use a fruit or vegetable type depending on what you think your rat will like best.

Some medicines can be given in the drinking water, however if the medicine makes the water taste unpleasant the rat may not drink enough.

Some medicines should not be mixed with dairy products so I don't generally advise these are used.

If your rat will not take any medication at all then it may be necessary to take him to the vet to have injections given.

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