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Physiotherapy may help dogs with arthritis

Osteoarthritis is a common problem in dogs and other animals. It tends mainly to affect the older pet and the condition is often progressive. The most common treatments for osteoarthritis in animals usually involves the administration of anti-inflammatory drugs, however some complementary therapies may also help.

Physiotherapy involving passive stretching of the joints of arthritic dogs has recently been found to be of benefit to them. Such treatment is beneficial since it increases the range of movement in the joint and presumably therefore decreases the pain associated with the movement of the arthritic joints. It is something which owners can do themselves at home (once they have been instructed in the correct methods), should not cause pain or distress to the pet and obviously is something which does not involve the cost and potential side effects of drugs.

Physiotherapy and the benefits of gentle exercise should not be overlooked when considering the best way of treating animals with osteoarthritis. Other "alternative treatments" which may also be beneficial could include, dietary supplements, acupuncture, herbal medicine and hydrotherapy.

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