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Spider plants and related species

Some of the plants commonly grown in our homes as ornamental houseplants can be toxic to pets.

Many people have spider plants in their homes; they are often grown in pots and hanging baskets. However cats may enjoy chewing on or playing with these plants (especially as the long strap-like leaves and small plant-lets dangle enticingly). Cats can be affected by toxins contained within the leaves and plant-lets. Signs tend to develop within a few hours of ingestion of the leaves- they include salivation, vomiting and anorexia. Cats do not usually die following ingestion of spider plants but the symptoms are obviously distressing for cat and owner alike. Related plants in the Liliaceae family may cause similar problems.

If you do grow such plants in your home it would be sensible to make sure that they are out of reach of playful pets.

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