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New Interactive Pet Health Website Just Launched!

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I am pleased to announce the launch of a new interactive website providing answers for your veterinary questions. is a website where you can post animal related questions and they will be answered for you. This will save you valuable time because you can get an answer for your question directly rather than surfing the web for ages to find it. Answers will be specific to you and your pet or the problem your pet has.

At present there is no charge although we do accept paypal donations if you feel appreciative when you receive your answer.

We try to answer all questions which are submitted to us, we do not just pick out a couple of the easy ones every week. (Of course we can make no guarantee to answer all questions submitted; sometimes there may be too many, but we try to answer as many as possible)

Your answer is always from a fully qualified UK vet, never a nurse or member of the general public.

I hope to build an on-line pet community with which will be to the benefit of all. Please visit soon!

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